Cyber Security & VAPT

A better way to pentest your IT infrastructure

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Digital transformation is happening at breakneck speed, putting security teams under intense pressure. At Octagram, we take security at first, discovering exploitable vulnerabilities faster than traditional pentesting with our team of ethical security professionals paired with smart technology. Octagram offers an on-contractual/on-demand security testing, enabling continuous pentesting on web and mobile applications, networks, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and cloud assets.

Leveraging Professional Expertise

Going Beyond Traditional Pentesting

Internal Workforce Excellence

We recognizes the invaluable asset that resides within our own team of dedicated professionals. Our workforce comprises skilled experts with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and specialized knowledge. By leveraging the internal expertise of our employees, we ensure a deep understanding of our systems, technologies, and unique organizational challenges.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Encouraging cross-functional collaboration among our cybersecurity experts fosters a holistic approach to testing programs. By bringing together individuals with distinct skill sets, such as penetration testers, threat analysts, and security engineers, we create a synergistic environment for comprehensive security assessments.

Adapting to Scale

Scalability is a key consideration in modern cybersecurity. Testing at scale, from a single device to thousands of assets, requires a flexible and adaptive approach. Utilizing automated testing frameworks and cloud-based solutions enables seamless scalability, ensuring that security assessments can keep pace with the dynamic nature of digital environments.


for Specific Assets

Web Application Testing

Ensure web app excellence. Our tests cover functionality, security, and usability, delivering swift, secure, and seamless user experiences.

Network Infrastructure Testing

Elevate network security. Our infrastructure testing ensures resilience against threats, optimizing performance for a robust and reliable network environment.

Cloud Security Testing

Elevate cloud security with our comprehensive solutions, focusing on resilience, compliance, and proactive measures for a secure cloud environment.

Mobile Application Testing

Optimize mobile app performance with our rigorous testing, covering functionality, security, and usability for flawless user experiences.

Internal/External VAPT

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services safeguard both internal and external assets with thorough evaluations, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.

Source Code Review

Thoroughly scrutinize code integrity with our comprehensive source code review services, fortifying applications against vulnerabilities and ensuring a resilient software foundation.